Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Naked 2 Palette

Before you say anything, YES, I know that the Naked 3 Palette is out...but I don't have that kind of money. Personally, I like this palette the best. It's perfect for darker skin (Naked 1 is too light, and Naked 3 is too rosy) and it has the perfect sparkly to matte ratio. Sometimes I'm feeling glitzy, and sometimes I'm feeling neutral. Each shade stays on basically 24 hours and it's ridiculously easy to apply with the brush it comes that's included. If you have this palette and need some advice on what to use or how to use it, here's what I recommend:
1. Apply "Bootycall" all over the lid.
2. Apply "Tease" on the crease.
3. Apply "Busted" to the corners.

If you're ever so lucky enough to own one of these bad boys, let me know how you wear it!

Be fierce.

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